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[User Agreement related to KFN 2020]

Article 1. Objective
The purpose of this User Agreement (hereafter "the Agreement") is to prescribe the rights and obligations of the 68th International Symposium and Annual Meeting of Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition (hereafter "KFN 2020") and KFN 2020's official Website (hereafter "the Website") users for the use of the internet related services offered by the Website.

Article 2. Effect and Revision of Agreement
The provisions in the Agreement shall go into effect as they are notified on the Website. KFN 2020, if necessary, may modify or revise the provisions in the Agreement with 7 days' prior notice online, and the Website Users agree to be bound by such modifications or revisions. If Users do not accept or abide by the revised provisions, they may not use the services of the Website or may cancel their membership. Users should visit this page periodically to review the provisions. KFN 2020 shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the User's unawareness of the modifications or revisions in the Agreement. For matters not specified under the Agreement, Pertinent laws or regulations and commercial practice of Republic of Korea are applied.

Article 3. Definition
1. "Service" refers to various services available on KFN 2020's Website (including Online Registration System)
2. "Online Registration System" refers to the online service provided by KFN 2020 as whole which enables the Users to do activities on the Website: registering, booking/reserving and/or applying regarding conference, exhibition, accommodation, evening event, tour etc.
3. "User" refers to those who use the Service whether they sign up using the Online Registration System or not.
4. "Member" refers to those who sign up online using Online Registration System.
5. 'ID' refers to the e-mail address which the Member chose during signing up process using Online Registration System in order to identify the Member and enable use of the Service.
6. "Password" refers to an online identifier created by the Member during online sign-up process using Online Registration System to protect privacy.

Article 4. Conclusion of Agreement
Use of the Service is subject to the User’s acceptance of and compliance with this Agreement. Users are considered to accept the Agreement by clicking on "I agree" button placed at the bottom of this page.

Article 5. Collection of Personal Information
When Users wish to use the Online Registration System, KFN 2020 requires the User’s personal information including name, e-mail address, password, organization, title, address, phone number, credit/debit card information, information of the accompanying person, accommodation reservation, etc, and the User must provide the mandatory information. KFN 2020 needs this information to process and fulfill every service provided by the Online Registration System Users may wish to receive. Personal information must be provided under the User's agreement. When the User wishes to make a payment using a credit/debit card or by bank transfer, the card processing agency/bank requires the User's personal information and mandatory information must be provided by the User in order to authorize the transaction. Likewise, the information must be provided under the User's agreement.

Article 6. Provision of Service
In principle, the Service shall be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, the Service may be interrupted for business, communication, management, technical reasons, etc.

Article 7. Membership
KFN 2020 shall approve membership to the users who consent to this Agreement and sign up online by filling in the sign-up form provided by the Online Registration System. KFN 2020, however, may not approve the membership application made under the following conditions:

1. The membership application contains false/invalid information.
2. The membership application is made under another person's name.
3. The membership application is made for purposes that are against these provisions or related laws.

Article 8. Obligations of Users
Users shall be prohibited from doing any of the following activities. KFN 2020 has the right to restrict or block or cancel the membership, to delete or modify the User's information, and/or, to ban or limit the User from using the Service, and may take legal actions in the following conditions where Users:

1. enter or provide false/invalid information in using Online Registration System
2. illicitly change information posted on the Website
3. infringe personal or property rights of KFN 2020 or of a third party.
4. illicitly use another Member's information (especially ID, password, credit/debit card information).
5. transmit or post information (such as a computer program) that is banned from transmitting or posting according to the relevant laws.
6. post or send via email a file containing a software virus, or other computer code or program designed to disrupt the normal operation of computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment.
7. collect, store, or disclose personal information of other visitors without their consents.
8. use the Website for profit by placing an advertisement/promotion or transmitting spam mail to one or more unspecified persons.
9. perform any activities that violate the regulations in use of other services specified in this Agreement

Article 9. Management of ID and Password
Member shall be responsible for the maintenance of the ID and Password, and shall be liable for any disadvantage in the use of the Service caused by the Member's negligence and/or by any illicit exploitation from a third party, and in no event shall KFN 2020 be liable for it. The Member may access personal information by visiting the "My Page", and may make a modification in personal information except in some information that is indispensable to the management of the Service (e.g. ID, country, etc.).

Article 10. Obligations of LOC
1. KFN 2020 shall make best effort to provide a continuous and stable service to Users, except in the occurrences specified in this Agreement, or in any other exceptional circumstances.
2. KFN 2020 may use your personal information to provide and maintain impeccable service to the User. Also KFN 2020 can use personal information to inform about KFN 2020 to the User.
3. KFN 2020 does not sell, distribute or use the User's personal information and data for any purpose other than for the planning, execution and management of KFN 2020. KFN 2020 may monitor, edit or disclose the User's personal information if required to do so in order to comply with any valid legal process or governmental request. Also KFN 2020 may provide the User's personal information in connection with credit/debit card or via bank transfer to organizations, institutions, companies, etc. in order to solve problems in case problems occur during user's credit/debit card or via bank transfer transaction.

Article 11. Link Site
If the User move onto another website by following links on KFN 2020 Organizing Committee's Official Website and their sub-domains, the privacy guidelines of the organization visited is applied thereof. The Website may include links to third party websites that are controlled and maintained by others. Any link to other websites is not an endorsement of such websites and the User acknowledges and agrees that KFN 2020 is not responsible for the content or availability of any such sites.

Article 12. Automatic collection of information
The user’s ID, name, nationality and e-mail address will be automatically stored in the ‘cookies’ when you log into the Website. The information will be eliminated when you log out or close the web browser. Also, if you check ‘Save my E-mail’, user’s ID and domain will be stored on the user’s hard drive until the User un-checks 'Save my E-mail'.

Article 13. Immunity Provision
In no event shall KFN 2020 be liable for any damage incurred to the User in relation to the use of the Service. Note:

1. In the event that the Service is unable to be provided due to the natural disaster or equivalent force majeure, KFN 2020 shall be exempted from the responsibility on the Service provided.
2. KFN 2020 shall not be responsible for any impediment of Service use due to the User's fault.
3. KFN 2020 shall not be responsible for any loss from the data obtained through the expected profit or service by using the Service by the User.
4. KFN 2020 shall not be responsible for any contents of information, data, reliability of fact, accuracy and others provided by the User to the Service.
5. In case the User made credit/debit card transaction or bank transfer using the Service, KFN 2020 shall not be responsible for any impediment of service due to the User or the company which served the credit/debit card transaction or bank transfer.
6. KFN 2020 shall not be responsible for any loss from the impediment or interruption of the Service.

Article 14. Settlement of Disputes
In the event that a lawsuit is filed, the dispute in relation to the use of the Service shall be settled in the Court having jurisdiction over KFN 2020.

If you have any question, please contact us at kfn3@kfn.or.kr.
I/we agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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